A high security key and lock provides several, very important, benefits over regular lock and key systems. First is the added, physical security, that they provide. We utilize high security locks from multiple providers that are considered to be the best in the industry. This allows us to provide a customized solution for our clients instead of an out of the box solution that is the norm within this industry. We feel that our high security partners demand the highest quality components and the most secure systems available today.

The second important function is key control. Our high security lock systems are not only secure on a physical level but they provide access control on a key based level. Secure key technology means, that your key can not be duplicated at a hardware store or even another locksmith. It’s not just a warning stamped on a key. These high security keys are coded and structured so any attempt to re-create them is impossible without the assistance of a factory authorized dealer or locksmith who is authorized and possess the knowledge and equipment required to produce another key.