If you have recently purchased or leased a new business or commercial location, your first priority should be to make sure that your space remains secure and that access is restricted to only those who you want to allow into your business or office location. Often business owners fail to contemplate the fact that most spaces have had previous tenants and most likely the seller or landlord did not take the time or effort to replace all of the locks on the building. That means that a previous occupant, maintenance person or even vendor could have keyed access to your business! In the event they did replace the locking system, for cost saving reasons you can be fairly certain that the quality of the lock or security mechanism is not top of the line. Why take a risk with your business?

We have been securing commercial spaces for over 25 years. We are authorities in state of the art locking systems and work with our commercial clients to assess their security needs and provide a solution that fits the level of protection they require. From high security locking systems to custom door, window and safe security measures, Kevin Wilson Locksmith has all of your commercial lock installation, replacements and upgrades covered and secure!